Adobe - July 2017

Creole - April 2017

Trinity - June 2017

Lowrider - June 2017

Ramesses aka Scotch - July 2017

Cesar aka Galvez - July 2017

Lexi - October 2017

Ellie - March 2017

Olaf aka Precious - September 2017

Cajun - July 2017

Bunny - April 2017

Dolly aka Savvy - July 2017

Paws - April 2017

Chewie - August 2017

Amiga - May 2017

Amarillo - July 2017

Carol Swirczek

Event / Fundraising


Jill Mason

Marketing Coordinator

Growing up in Maryland, Retrievers, Spaniels and Setters were the common dogs but Jill only had eyes for the Chow Chow.  After adopting her first chow mix Cheska from a shelter, she was impressed by his transformation - as he learned to relax and trust - he blossomed, winning the hearts of the people he met.  Jill decided to only adopt from shelters and rescues focusing on older chows ages 5-8.   After settling in Houston and adopting 2 chows from HCCC – getting involved was the next logical step.  Jill feels that she has become a better person by sharing her journey through life with all of her Chow companions:  Cheska, Darla, Shane, Roca, Charlie and Macy.  She is excited about helping rescue chows become Ambassadors of the Breed.  

Continuing Dianne Watson's passion to unite Chow Chow's with new forever homes

Houston Chow Chow Connection is a collaborative of dog lovers and rescuers that dedicate their time, efforts and talents toward helping to rescue Chow Chows in need. We are an entirely volunteer-driven 501(c)(3) organization with no administrative costs.

Our rescue traces its origins back several years to the works of Dianne Watson. Dianne dedicated much of her young life to saving homeless Chows in north and west Texas. In her memory, Houston Chow Chow Connection continues her passion of uniting Chow Chows with perfect forever families.

HCCC began rescuing in 2013 and rehomed over 300 dogs since inception, including over 100 in 2016! Our dogs found homes on the east and west coasts of the U.S. and have traveled north and south! As we continue to rescue and rehome more and more Chows, our costs grow. As many of you may know, rescuing animals takes money. Not only is there the typical care and upkeep (including food and general veterinary care), some of our rescues need specialized treatments.

At HCCC we don’t pick and choose the dogs we rescue – they pick us. While the majority of our rescues are healthy, we never turn our backs on homeless Chows with physical issues or disabilities. Some of our incoming babies have suffered long-term and extensive neglect. New HCCC dogs may require spay/neuter, shaving due to extensive matting, entropion and/or hip replacement surgeries, treatment of skin problems and a variety of other issues.

We acquire much of our financing through donations and fund-raisers.

All funds from your donations or Etsy item purchases will go directly to our rescues. Check out our Etsy store – ‘Til the Chows Come Home, and follow us on Facebook  for the latest news!

Please help us provide our Chow babies with the quality of life they so richly deserve.

Carol grew up on a farm in Nebraska around pretty much every type of animal imaginable. Her first dog was Sandy (A Cocker Spaniel) and he was her best friend. After college, she acquired her first Chow Chow named Bear (so original) and he was her heart dog for 10 years until cancer took him. She has since been "owned" by several dogs including 4 other Chow/Chow mixes......River, who passed away in 2013; Kohl, who is the oldie at between 13 and 15 and was rescued from the kill shelter in Austin;  Savi, a 5 year old spitfire who was rescued from Gonzales, TX; and Takoda, a 7 month old who she adopted from HCCC in 2017. She has been fostering for several rescues for 9 plus years and her "specialty" is mommas/puppies, but loves to help with any that fit in with her household. 

Members at Large

Tammy Hopwood - Houston, TX

Amelia Rush - Alvin, TX

Siobhan Nicola - Dallas, TX

Bethany England - Spring, TX

Marianne Lee - Houston, TX

Becky Sawyer - Lafayette, LA

Annette VerHoeven - Houston, TX

Andree Perque Ward - Spring, TX

Pam Bluestein - Sugarland, TX

Cecy Correa  - Austin, TX

Shea Bennett - Houston, TX

Jason & Sarah Kee - Georgetown, TX

Debbie Grimm - Katy, TX

Becky Foreman-Goodman - Houston, TX

Kirsten Ochsner - Houston, TX

Caryn Cluiss - Round Rock, TX

Donna Martin - Houston, TX

Kristina (Krissey) Vlantes

Vice - President, Treasurer & Co-Founder

Krissey has been a resident of Texas for over 30 years.  She has owned Chow Chows all of her life.  Being very fond of the breed, she decided in 2009 after she lost her baby girl Sophie to cancer that she would get more involved with rescuing the breed.  Through Dianne Watson, Krissey met several wonderful people who not only were extremely passionate about rescue of all breeds but that also loved the Chow Chow as much as she does.  Krissey currently owns 3, Lady, Kasey and Elsa who were all rescued.  With the help of family and friends, she felt it was time to create an organization to support the Houston and surrounding areas find chow chows in need with new forever homes.

Denise Bailey

President & Co-Founder

Denise grew up on a farm in Iowa with animals in tow including raccoons, rabbits, 4-H calves, dogs and cats. A chance encounter with an injured Chow Chow several years ago grew into a love affair with the breed. The dog, Ching, was rehabbed and adopted by Denise. During the process of helping Ching through physical therapy, she became fascinated with the breed and began to rescue Chow Chows. “The long overdue formation of a 501(c)3  in Houston will enable Houston Chow Chow Connection to bring our group’s passion of Chow Chow education and rescue to life.”

Penny - July 2017

Mae - August 2017

Cali - September 2017

Kojak - May 2017

Jack Sprat - July 2017

Obi - July 2017

Troy - July 2017

Violet - May 2017

Calliope aka Pixel - April 2017

Voodoo - July 2017

Bobo - July 2017

Saja - May 2017

Kelly Hood


Kelly is from Lincoln, NE and grew up with a love of animals. She arrived in Texas in 2000. Shortly after, she received a blessing named Bear Bear.  He was Kelly’s constant companion for 14 years. He crossed over the rainbow bridge in March 2014. He is the reason she came to love the Chow Chow breed. 2 Months later another blessing arrived, a little Shepard Chow mix.  Kelly recently became a lifesaving foster for the HCCC and decided to volunteer her time to our organization.

Our Members

Panda - August 2017

Clutch - July 2017

Ronnie - August 2017

Cota aka Roomba - May 2017

Brutus - May 2017

Friday - April 2017

Milly - September 2017

 Widget - July 2017

Toby - September 2017

Leo aka Picante - July 2017

Patience aka Belize - August 2017

 Yogi - April 2017

Simba - July 2017

Diamond - September 2017

Hunky Dory - May 2017

Sandy - March 2017

Dolittle - April 2017

Indy - March 2017

Cherub - May 2017

 Grizzly - February 2017

Ama - March 2017

Sweet Pea - August 2017

Rufus aka Leo - September 2017

Lazarus - September 2017

Capri - August 2017

Luna - June 2017

Alpha - June 2017

Sampson - October 2017

Mimi - July 2017

Rowdy - September 2017

Coco aka Jellybean - August 2017

Smiley - October 2017

Thor - October 2017

Pumpkin aka Strudel - September 2017

Doll - March 2017

Gavin aka Big Red - July 2017

Ranger aka Klinger - August 2017

Enzo - August 2017

Oso aka Dupree - April 2017

Magic Mike - July 2017

Max - July 2017